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A rarely used skill

| Flowers and Gardening

For those of you who don’t know, I am the current VP of the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild (MMQG).  Being VP has a few extra jobs sometimes – like making a set of corsages.     We (the MMQG board and I) were inspired to make our guests and visitors stand out a little.  Our […] Read more…

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For the birds

| Flowers and Gardening, For the home, Tutorial

This is a re-post of a tutorial I did for the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild blog last week — just in case you missed it! The snow is finally melting.  Spring is finally arriving.  Birds have come back and they’re everywhere and soon they will be nesting.  Making a nesting bag is a great little […] Read more…

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How to wire flowers

| Flowers and Gardening, Techniques, Tutorial

My mom taught me a lot about sewing and embroidery, but she also taught me a great deal about floral arrangements.  For many, many years, my mom made wedding bouquets and funeral swags while working at Bachman’s.  She’s very good at it — you can see some of her wonderful arrangements in some of my […] Read more…


What I’ve been up to

| Flowers and Gardening, For the home, Life

Hi everyone, I’m still here.  Just super busy with end of school stuff — field trips, volunteering, baking for class, doing laundry for class, school picnics, etc…  Gwyneth finished up school last week and just before we brought in some simple teacher gifts – two for her teachers and one for Connor’s. I got the […] Read more…

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