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241 Totes

| Bags, Totes and Zips

When Anna over at Noodlehead asked me to help her pattern test her cute new 241 Tote,  I of course agreed eagerly — I don’t remember when I last sewed something for myself.  So, I set to work sewing all weekend, telling my husband “oh, it’s for Anna (since he knows her too), not for […] Read more…


Sweet Tooth Pouch

| Bags, Totes and Zips, For Kids, Tutorial

We don’t normally have a lot of candy in the house.  Well, the Halloween candy (at least nothing with chocolate – because that’s all eaten within hours) is still in a jar in the kitchen cupboard.  This little project was inspired by my son who asks for candy from the brightly colored packages at the […] Read more…


Connor’s Messenger Bag

| Bags, Totes and Zips, For Kids, Tutorial

Hi there I’m Vanessa and if you’re here from Made by Rae, welcome to Punkin Patterns!  Glad you could stop by and please take a look around.  While you’re here take a minute to enter my fabric giveaway – In honor of Celebrate the Boy month, I’ll be giving away 1 yard of Curious George […] Read more…


Minnie Mouse Gathered Clutch

| Bags, Totes and Zips

I made up a gathered clutch last night to match this dress for my sister-in-law.  She’s a big Disney fan, perhaps she’ll use it other than when wearing the Minnie Mouse dress. I was a little unsure about this while I was making it, but it did turn out kinda cute.  . . . Well, […] Read more…


Lil Cutie Pouch

| Bags, Totes and Zips

I sewed this up last night with some bits of fabric I had sitting around.  It’s a little coin purse for my mother-in-law – Hope she likes it!   The pattern is the lil cutie pouch from Anna of Noodlehead.  The exterior fabric is Amy Butler and the interior is from David Walker’s Hopscotch line. Read more…

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