Fighting a Never Ending War

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I’m fighting a war . . . with dandelions. I think they’re winning.  But I won’t give up!  I’ve enlisted help.  I’m paying Connor a penny a flower.  If the flowers are gone – no new plants right??  He’s picked 700++ so far.  Yay!  Gwyneth has picked about 45.  Connor is learning the value of […] Read more…


Spring is Here! . . . (finally)

| Life, Photography

Well the snow has finally all gone. It’s been here since November, so it’s about time. Our yard is waking up and it’s spring! There’s new life coming . . . Duck eggs (actually at my in-laws house) Flowers poking up through the soil . . The shrubs and trees are budding . . . […] Read more…

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Drawing with van Gogh

| For Kids, Life, Photography

I love taking my kids to the art museum. I don’t do it enough. My oldest loves to draw and has asked many times lately to go to the museum and draw. So finally we did. Both kids wanted to sketch and thanks to my sister who came along to supervise, we could let them.  […] Read more…


Something Nice

| Life, Photography

Sometimes it feels so nice to bring out the nice china and have a cup of tea and a little something sweet. Connor and Gwyneth helped me make these yummy mini cupcakes this morning.  (Chocolate with cream cheese frosting!)  I’m busy working on some great tutorials for next week.  Can’t wait to show them to […] Read more…

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