Making Bias Tape

| Sewing 101, Techniques, Tutorial

This is a re-post of a tutorial I did a couple of weeks ago for the MMQG blog, just in case you missed it.  Making your own bias tape is very easy.  It’s less expensive than buying it at the store and far more attractive! Bias tape is used in making piping, finishing raw edges […] Read more…


How to wire flowers

| Flowers and Gardening, Techniques, Tutorial

My mom taught me a lot about sewing and embroidery, but she also taught me a great deal about floral arrangements.  For many, many years, my mom made wedding bouquets and funeral swags while working at Bachman’s.  She’s very good at it — you can see some of her wonderful arrangements in some of my […] Read more…


Patio Decorating Progress

| Techniques, Tutorial

Our new patio is looking good, but it needs a bit of “green”, as my husband said.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive pots but I had something in mind.  I love aged copper pots on patios — but I couldn’t spend $30++ each on pots (especially when I wanted […] Read more…


Replacing a Broken ZIpper

| Sewing 101, Techniques, Tutorial

We’ve all had a zipper break on us — whether in a coat or a bag, a broken zipper makes a perfectly good piece of clothing (or backpack) unusable.  Did you know that replacing a zipper is quite simple?  It is.  Really.  Here’s how you do it! I made this backpack for Connor right before […] Read more…


Happy Valentine’s Day!

| Apparel, Holidays, Techniques

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Hope you’re all having a great day.  It’s beautiful here — fresh snow on the ground (finally) and the sun is shining. I finished up a little Valentine’s tee for Gwyneth this morning.  I just took a cute striped tee from Target and added an applique to it.  I made the applique […] Read more…

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