Adding Grommets

| Techniques, Tutorial

Adding grommets to your sewing can be a simple way to add style to a project.  They can also add function (to hold a strap for a bag, for example) while doing it in a unique way.  There are two types of grommets: metal grommets (my favorite) and there are also so snap-on plastic ones.  […] Read more…


How to sew in piping

| Sewing 101, Techniques, Tutorial

Adding piping to a seam can make a beautiful statement.  It can add an interesting splash of color to an otherwise dull seam.  I’m going to show you how easy it is to add piping to any seam.  First off lets look at some feet. The foot on the left is a zipper foot.  Most […] Read more…


Stamp Carving 101

| Techniques, Tutorial

Making your own stamps is very easy and quite fun.  It’s so easy to carve out a beautiful design and get lost in the fun.  My son loves art and he always loves it when I can make him something he can use to create his own work of art.  So I thought I’d make […] Read more…


A Patchwork Princess

| Apparel, For Kids, Techniques, Tutorial

I threw together this dress for Gwyneth the other day.  It was super easy to make.  I’ll post a tutorial tomorrow. The tiara was just a hand sketch onto some freezer paper. The patchwork fabric was already pieced together when I bought it – which made this even simpler.  I loved the color combination and […] Read more…

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