Folding Fat Quarters

| Tutorial

There are lots of ways to fold fat quarters.  Since I recently dyed 20 fat quarters, I decided to show you three different ways to fold fat quarters. I like these three because once folded, they lay flat.  As I mentioned, there are MANY ways to fold them — here’s just three ways. First we’ll […] Read more…


Salty and Sweet

| Bags, Totes and Zips, Tutorial

On Saturday I was fortunate enough to go to a sew-in at my friend Nikol’s shop, Sewtropolis.  It was eight, yes, eight hours of uninterrupted sewing!  It was great!  In those hours of bliss (not kidding there), I managed to finish a quilt top, make three easy-peasy skirts and a jumper for Gwyneth and make […] Read more…


Making Bias Tape

| Sewing 101, Techniques, Tutorial

This is a re-post of a tutorial I did a couple of weeks ago for the MMQG blog, just in case you missed it.  Making your own bias tape is very easy.  It’s less expensive than buying it at the store and far more attractive! Bias tape is used in making piping, finishing raw edges […] Read more…


Simple Stadium Cushions

| Accessories, Tutorial

Last week we went to a Saint’s game. I had been Midway stadium many years ago.  What I remember the most was the uncomfortable metal benches.  I thought it would be great to whip up some cushions for us.  I didn’t take many photos for these during the construction (I made all four in under […] Read more…


How to wire flowers

| Flowers and Gardening, Techniques, Tutorial

My mom taught me a lot about sewing and embroidery, but she also taught me a great deal about floral arrangements.  For many, many years, my mom made wedding bouquets and funeral swags while working at Bachman’s.  She’s very good at it — you can see some of her wonderful arrangements in some of my […] Read more…

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