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Just in Time

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Yesterday we had our first little snowfall of the season.  I finished knitting this hat just in time for the arrival of the snow.  (Too bad the hat’s not for me.) I had this crazy idea (after chatting with a friend) to try to save money at Christmas this year by making all of our […] Read more…


A little knitting

| Yarn Love

I’ve been going through my stash of yarn — yes, I have a stash of yarn too.  It’s no where near as big as my fabric stash, but I’ve been trying to use it all up.  I found some lovely dark blue merino wool (which I’m sure was meant for some other project) — but […] Read more…


Yarn Love + Snow

| Life, Yarn Love

I have been super busy here working on patterns and moving my sewing space (and making room for said space).  I’m really excited about how it’s turning out.  There’s still a bit more to be done, but you’ll see it very soon.  In the meantime, while my sewing machine has had no table to call […] Read more…


The Aliens Have Landed

| Apparel, For Kids, Yarn Love

. . . . on Connor’s head! I finally finished knitting up this little hat for Connor.  Isn’t it too cute??  I realize that it’s been unseasonably warm, so it will just go into the box of winter stuff for next year. This adorable hat is the Area 51 hat from SugarLane.  It comes in […] Read more…

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