I had an idea to use my Donut Wall Quilt pattern (available my show NOW) and to make a pillow using solids and modern fabrics. The fabrics I used were all from scraps. I just made four blocks the same size as in the quilt and then instead of adding icing or sprinkles or a drizzle to the donuts themselves, I used fabrics which looked a bit like icing and sprinkles. Then I took some of my favorite Aurifil embroidery floss and used that to quilt thousands of little sprinkles all over the solid fabrics so my donuts were laying on a bed of sprinkles!

My 10-year-old snatched up this pillow as soon as it was finished. Can you blame her? The texture that the Aurifil thread makes with the fabric is amazing. The hand quilting was definitely my favorite part!



  • Pattern: Donut Wall Quilt by Punkin Patterns (pillow version)
  • Fabrics: Scraps (yay!)
  • Thread: Aurifil Embroidery floss (Aurifloss), 3 strands in colors: 2024, 2120, 4093, 1147, and 2535.
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