Bike Buckets

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I loved these bike buckets over at Noodlehead as soon as I saw them.  They are too cute and the perfect thing for my kids bikes.  I had intended to make this a little earlier, but you know how it goes.  The pieces were sitting on my table and I finally got to them.  The […] Read more…


Teacher Appreciation

| Accessories

The school year is coming to an end.  My son has learned a lot in his first and last year of preschool.  He’s learned a whole new set of rules in the Montessori environment, how to work quietly near other children, how to add (he loves writing out equations), but most importantly how to wash […] Read more…

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| Accessories

My son loves to draw.  He will easily spend a couple of hours drawing in the afternoon when the house is quiet while his sister naps.  He, however, leaves paper everywhere in his room (on the floor, in his bookshelf, on the bed, in the closet, etc…).  Yes, ok, he’s only 4, but some days […] Read more…

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