conversation hear cookies
Here’s a quick pattern for some fun Valentine’s day cookies that you’ll be able to whip up in no time. I saw some real cookies just like this at my favorite cooking store and I just had to make some for my kids to play with.

You’ll need some dark brown felt, low-loft batting, a bit of pink, cream, yellow and lavender felt, red dimensional fabric paint, the pattern, and matching colored thread. (Two 8″ x 10″ pieces of felt will make 4 cookies.)

conversation hear cookies
Place 2 layers of dark brown felt on top of a layer of low-loft batting. Trace cookie pattern onto felt and sew around line leaving an opening for turning. Trim excess felt and batting and turn right side out. Sew opening closed.

conversation hear cookies

Cut out icing in various colors (pink, cream, lavender, yellow). Using red dimensional fabric paint, decorate icing felt with expressions “HUG ME”, “KISS ME”, “BE MINE”, and “LOVE”. (You may need to do this more than once to get a good dimensional look. The felt has a tendency to absorb some of the paint.) Once paint is dry, hand stitch icing onto your cookie.

Let me know what you think. And . . . . Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. Hi Vanessa, Just wanted to say Thanks for this super cute idea – just what I needed to make Valentines special for my toddlers without spending a lot of $$$. Also, I wanted to let you know I added your craft idea to my list of favorite Valentines crafts 🙂

  2. Hi Vanessa,

    I love your hearts! Thank you – I see that you’re new to blogging and so am I – I just signed up to follow your blog and was wondering if I can post about your blog on my blog – maybe we can help grow our readers. Email me if you’re interested – Thanks!

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