Nice SurpriseI went to visit my mom yesterday and she surprised me with some amazing new sewing books (Clare Youngs’ “The Perfect Handmade Bag” and “The Perfect Pajama” by Kristina Nilsson and Jennifer Pirtle). Can’t wait to get sewing on some of the bags. I love, love, love to make bags. I think I love bags more than shoes! I think I went a little crazy today buying fabric. I got some beautiful fat quarters. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do with them. I also ordered some amazing Amy Butler and Naomi Ito oilcloth.

Now all I need is my sewing machine back. In the meantime, I’ve been brushing up on my embroidery skills. I should have something to share soon.


2 Comments on Nice Surprise

  1. two things…
    1. you’re weirding me out that you know i used your pattern! what is it that you know that i don’t know?! but yes, loving your pattern. so cute. girl and i are loving the process.
    2. where did you get your “as seen on craftgossip” button? i want one!
    oh, and one more thing? love this blog.

  2. I actually was looking at your post on baby doll diapers and I scrolled down and there it was! YAY! I was so thrilled to see your daughter hard at work on something I came up with.

    I got the craftgossip button from a friends page who was also featured. I just saved a copy of the picture (right off her blog), posted the pic onto mine and turned it into a link to the site.

    So glad to hear you love my blog! It means so much.

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