Little Boys ValentinesLittle Boys ValentinesMy four-year-old son has been very interested in dinosaurs recently, especially the brachiosaurus. We made these handmade valentines using simple heart shaped cards we picked up at Michaels and some boy themed scrapbook paper. I covered each card with paper. I used paper with stripes, gears and stars. I couldn’t find a dinosoaur punch I liked that was big enough, so I drew a little dinosaur by hand and used it as a pattern to cut (with the help of my sister) 24 more little brachiosaurus’ for the top of each valentine. Since none of the preschool kids can read each others’ names, we couldn’t address the envelopes, but we still decorated them with heart stamps and curly cue names and addresses. My son is very excited to hand them out at his school party and bring his own mailbox to get Valentines from his classmates.Little Boys Valentines



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