Spicy Pony Head

Yup, you read that correctly.  Spicy Pony Head.  So my brother-in-law and his wife love the spicy pony head comedy sketch from the Kasper Hauser Comedy podcast.  (If you haven’t heard this yet take a listen here.)

Anyway, my husband had a great idea to make a spicy pony head t-shirt for their 2-year old daughter.  He said “Wouldn’t it be funny if you could get a spicy pony head t-shirt with a horses’ head and frilly flowers on it for a girl and instead of saying something like ‘My Pretty Pony’, wouldn’t it be great if it said ‘spicy pony head’ in some girly writing.”

So I ran to Target (my go-to place for cheap shirts) and I found this one for $4.  It had a butterfly detail at the bottom left which I could cover with the horse head.  I rummaged through my fat quarter stash and found this nice burgandy leaf pattern and a bit of daisy chain edging.  I did a quick search on Google images to find a horse head silhouette that I liked and used it as a pattern for my appliqué.  I did a quick embroidery of the words spicy pony head using a back stitch.  Et voilà!  The spicy pony head shirt is born.


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