The Return of Spicy Pony Head

Do you remember this post a while back?  That shirt was for my two-year-old niece.  Her big sister, a big fan of the spicy pony head comedy sketch which inspired the shirt, asked me ever so politely for her own.  So, of course I made her one, but I had to make it a bit different.. . . . a little older, more mature version for a seven year old.  I hope she likes it!

If you’re curious, here’s what I did.  I found the pony head graphic here.  I used it to make a stencil from freezer paper, painted it black and before I removed the freezer paper, I applied fabric glue (that stays flexible when dry) and used some fabric glitter (in black) to give it a little sparkle.  Then I used this wonderful tutorial by Lil Blue Boo (thanks Ashley!) to add my bling! (the “Spicy Pony Head” letters spelled out in rhinestones).

Check out Ashley’s Giveaway at Lil Blue Boo!  I love all of her dresses!  (Especially the new asymmetric ones!)  I am currently making my first Sienna dress.  I will post pictures soon!

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1 Comment on The Return of Spicy Pony Head

  1. Jana recently wore that shirt to daycare. When the other kids commented she proceded to recite the Spicy Pony Head sketch. There were laughs all around.

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