Summer Dress

Well, I’ve had this beautiful Amy Butler fabric for a year now.  I meant to make a summer dress for myself last year, but I never got to it.  This Saturday, I’m heading off to a friends baby shower and I thought it was the perfect excuse to finally make it.

Summer Dress

The pattern came from Heather Ross and can be found here.  I’ve made small versions for my daughter and as gifts for other little girls, and the larger version was just as simple.  I think I may add some removable straps if I have time before Saturday.

Summer Dress

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  1. very cute vanessa, I seriously was just pulling fabrics yesterday thinking I should make myself one like that. Although I can probably say I won’t be making it in time for Saturday!

  2. It’s nice but how did you do it, I’ve been trying for ages to work with elastic thred and every time I finish one line the seams finishes undone
    can you explain me please

    sorry for my english


  3. @Lulux – Elastic thread can be tricky. It took me several times the very first time to get it right. For me, it seems the key is in how you wind your bobbin with the elastic thread. Too loose, and the elastic doesn’t give you the desired effect. Too tight, and your elastic thread will brake while sewing.

    First thing. Make sure you wind the bobbin by hand. (The elastic thread goes in the bobbin and normal thread on top.)

    When winding the bobbin, you need to have a little tension, but not so much that you stretch the elastic thread. Just practice winding with different tension, then sewing a bit. The wrong side of the fabric should have the elastic thread straight. (if it’s too loose there would be loops on the back).

    When you’ve got your bobbin wound with what you think is the right tension, sew a few rows on a scrap and after a couple rows you should see the fabric gather on it’s own.

    It’s all about practicing till you get it right. You’ll learn how it should feel to wind the bobbin, etc… At least it was like this for me. It can take a while, but once you get it, it’s so amazing.

    After you’ve done your shirring (sewing with the elastic thread) to your fabric, spray it with water, and stretch it out and iron it. The heat from the iron will help shrink the elastic a bit.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.

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