I recently was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by Sarah of Stepping Thru Crazy 

and before I could properly thank Sarah, I was awarded it again by Laci of The Blackberry Vine.

Wow!  Thanks guys!  You’re making me blush!  (Take some time to check out their blogs if you’ve never stopped by!)

So it appears that before I officially accept this award, I have some duties to fulfill.  

* Thank the person who gave it to you (done)
* Share seven things about yourself
* Pass on the award to 15 bloggers whom you have recently discovered and think are fantastic

Ok, seven things about me. . . . . . 

1.  I always have at least 6 projects going at once (who doesn’t???).
2.  I hate doing the dishes, but I love to cook and bake – which makes for an interesting love/hate relationship.
3.  The rate at which my project list grows will never allow me to finish it.
4.  I have a Ph.D. in Chemsitry.  My area of expertise is in calculating partition functions for small atom systems using Feynman path integrals.
5.  I don’t like having dirty laundry around, but I have been known to have a few (or possibly several) baskets of unfolded, clean laundry about the house.
6.  I am currently attempting to potty train my 2-year-old by bribing her with M&Ms.
7.  I am madly in love with my husband.  He is the love of my life, my prince charming!

So, being fairly new to the blogging world I haven’t been exposed to that many blogs yet.  But here’s my list (sorry there’s only ten) of those who I am passing on the award to (in no particular order) ……

1. Cute as a Fox
2. The Cottage Home
3. From An Igloo
4. Sew Chatty
5. Noodlehead
6. The Sometimes Crafter
7. Helping Little Hands
8. Toads Treasures
9. UK lass in US
10. Just Another Day in Paradise

Congratulations to all!  I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work which inspires us all.


4 Comments on You’re making me blush!

  1. Awww…Thanks! I’ll try to get a response post up soon. And it’s nice to know there’s another stay-at-home-mom-chemist-crafter out there. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the award – you are too sweet! So happy you read The Cottage Home. Your blog is adorable – you have some really fab. tutorials!!

    Thanks again,

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