Spiffy Hat and Pants

This spiffy hat and pants (so named by my 5 year old son) were upcycled from a single pair of pants.  It was pretty tricky cutting the material for the smaller pants and the hat.  But I managed to just fit them all in.

Spiffy Hat and Pants

For the pants, I just used my son’s pj pants as a pattern.  I also carefully removed the back pockets from the larger pants to used as side leg pockets on the smaller version.  The pockets are really hard to see in the photos.

Spiffy Hat and Pants

The hat is from the little cap from Leila and Ben.  I love how it turned out – especially with the matching pants!

Spiffy Hat and Pants

3 Comments on Spiffy Hat and Pants

  1. really cute! love that plaid. And it’s good to see the hat fits, I was curious if the bigger size would still fit Natalie. 🙂

  2. ooh I LOVE that hat! I’ve been drooling over that pattern ever since I first saw it, and wondered if it turned out as cute in real life as it looks on the front of the pattern (I see that it does!!!)

    Awesome!!! 🙂

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