Yesterday I awoke to -15F). Brrr……  My son is now wrapped up in the idea that it’s colder outside than it is in our freezer.  He loves to put glasses of water outside and in our kitchen freezer at the same time to see which one freezes first.

Living in a freezer
My little scientist – hard at work.

A couple of days ago my sister came over to babysit my kids while I went to the dentist. She stayed a bit longer so I could go to the gym and get some other things done. So as thanks, I whipped up this neck warmer for her (which she hinted that she’d like).

 Living in a freezer

The neck warmer is essentially made the same way as the ones I made for my kiddos. (The tutorial for the kid neckwarmers can be found here at Noodlehead.) For an adult (female) size, I used two pieces of fleece that were 23″ x 9″. This gave a cozy sized neck warmer. I also folded the edges in before sewing them together to create a more finished edge.

Living in a freezer

It’s been so cold here that I’m sure she’ll get a lot of use out of it (especially since she forgot her scarf here)!

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