I wanted to share this lovely story my son wrote.  He spelled it himself (and a few of the letters are backwards) so I’ve translated below.  Hope you love it as much as I do.

“Jack the Rat” By Connor, Age 5
Jack the Rat
Jack has a rainbow.
Jack the Rat
Zack and Jack the Rat.   
(That’s Jack off on the left going to Zack’s house.)
Jack the Rat
Zack and Jack the Rat go to the market.
(Looks like they’re going to buy ice cream. One of them is sad though . . . 
maybe he’s lactose intolerant.)
Jack the Rat
The End.  
Jack the Rat

A note about the author.

Jack the Rat

Connor currently resides in Minnesota with his parents and younger sister. When not in kindergarten, Connor enjoys writing and illustrating children’s books for his sister.  He also enjoys designing machines, building with Legos, and reading.  He’s frequently found outside on a nice day jumping in mud puddles or playing in the sandbox. 


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