I love life; it’s something to do!
I love life

This is how my mother-in-law ends every email she sends.  It’s an attitude we should all have about life, to always look at the brighter side.  There are so many, many things to be thankful for (and happy about).  Life’s too short to not be happy!

I made this simple scrap pillow for my mother-in-law.  (I hope she likes it, as I’m writing this and I haven’t yet given it to her.)  It’s sort-of a (very) late mother’s day present as (during mother’s day and the week prior I was not feeling well.)

I love life

Ok, so the details:  To make the words, I chose a font on my computer that I thought looked nice, printed it out and used it as a pattern to cut the words out of freezer paper and painted them on.  (To see a tutorial on that go here.)  Pretty simple.  The pillow is 14″ x 20″, a travel size, so nice to put on any little chair.  The fabric was just from my scrap stash and randomly sewn on.


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  1. Very cute! I might have to try this painting on fabric idea sometime too – its a nice little addition to all the cute scrappiness of the fabrics.

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