Sometimes projects don’t always turn out the way we expect them to.  This little t-shirt for Connor started as this


a simple little striped shirt (picked up from Target).  I thought it would be fun to put a few cars in that large center stripe.  I used my car template (previously used for making stamps) and cut out some cars onto freezer paper.


I started painting, finished and returned a bit later to check on it.

I had  a glass of water nearby.

Ugh!  . . . Don’t ask why.

Although there was very little water in it, when it tipped over it spilled onto part of the t-shirt.  Ok.  I thought, no big deal.

Well. . . .

the paint was still damp.

So when I pulled off the freezer paper, this is what I saw:


I’m sure my little guy would have still worn it, and loved it, but not me.  What bothered me most is feeling like I wasted a perfectly good shirt.

I had to fix this.

After some thought, I decided to add a bit of knit yardage to perfectly fit over that tan stripe in the middle.  I carefully cut it out to size and just sewed it right over my painting mishap with a zig-zag stitch around and there we are!

A fixed t-shirt.  A happy boy.  A satisfied mom.

Perhaps I’ll try another little car shirt, but this time NO water nearby.
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