In a recent order from Amazon, I added a little something for me — a 1/4″ foot.  If you don’t know what that is here’s a picture of it:

1/4 in foot

Since joining the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild, I’ve really started quilting more.  Mind you not everything is completely finished (lots of tops), but I’m getting there.  I just used a standard foot for piecing my blocks, but I knew it would be faster with a 1/4″ foot.

I set out to make a 36 patch block.  This is the tutorial I used (from one of my quilt guild friends).  Anyhow — I really didn’t think about it.  I just put on the foot and sewed it up.  At the end I measured and oops, not big enough.

1/4 in foot

Well, I moved the needle over to as far as looked safe and tried again.  OK, bigger, but still not quite right.

1/4 in foot

Finally I moved the needle over a bit more (even though it really looked like the needle was being pushed over by the foot, and finally I got the right size block.  I totally felt like the little engine that could while I tried to figure this out.  But now I know the perfect settings for my 1/4″ foot and I’m off!!!

1/4 in foot

2 Comments on I think I can . . . I think I can . . .

  1. What model machine do you have?
    i have a c20 huskystar and it is hard to find “clip on” feet for it.
    The “clip on” thing it is hard. i sometime wish i have the “screw on” type of sewing machine.
    Did that sound dirty? i hope not. *BLUSH*

  2. Thanks for the link… I didn’t measure my block until I saw your tweet and sweated for a bit. I was just shy about an 1/8 inch. It’s amazing even with a 1/4 inch foot how much to have to play to get the fabric in just the right spot.

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