easy peasy skirt with ruffle

OK, so it seems like you’ve seen this fabric a lot lately, but it’s almost gone.  I think the only think left I could make would be something for a doll.  You can read about how I used this seersucker fabric here and here.

But I did have enough for an Easy-Peasy Skirt with a Ruffle added at the bottom.

easy peasy skirt with ruffle

To add a ruffle to the Easy-Peasy Skirt:::

Determine the length of the ruffle.  This one is only about 2″ finished.  I think I started with a 3″ piece of fabric.  For the width, use twice the width of your skirt width.  Sew the ruffle edge into one continuous loop, then finish the bottom edge with a nice hem.  Gather the top edge of the ruffle by sewing a simple straight stitch at the top of the fabric edge using the longest stitch you have and then pulling the back (bobbin) threads.  Position the gathered ruffle at the bottom of your skirt and sew together, with right sides facing.  You can secure the extra ruffle fabric from the back side of the skirt by topstitching next to the seam of the ruffle.

easy peasy skirt with ruffle


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