It’s that time of year . . . rummage sales and garage sales galore!  I’m not a big rummage sale / yard sale goer – but there is one I go to every year without fail.  My grade school/old church have the biggest and BEST rummage sale every year that I’ve ever seen.  Every year I walk out with amazing things.  I always go on the morning of the first day.  They charge a cover.  Yup.  So much good stuff they charge you to get in in those first hours.  And I gladly pay it (along with hundreds of others).

I went straight to the athletic/outdoor section.  (It’s pretty scary that I still remember where they put everything.)  Was looking for a bike trailer for Gwyn to sit in while Connor and I bike around the lake.  They had several jogging strollers, one kangaroo seat for a bike, but no trailers.  But Connor did find one thing he was looking for. . . . A SKATEBOARD.

Tis the season

He was so excited!  I was too because I found these amazing chairs!

Tis the season

They need a bit of work.  It looks like whoever owned them last had a small dog or cat.  The bottom of a couple legs are scratched up a bit, but no matter.  I can fix that.  Also with some new fabric for the seats and I’ll have some nice “new” chairs for the kitchen.

Gwyneth came away with two big treasures – a kitchen (which looked brand new)

Tis the season

It was immediately used making lunch for us.

Tis the season

She also got a gorgeous, huge wooden dollhouse.

Tis the season

I love how it opens!

Tis the season

Even the little door!

Tis the season

I didn’t even look at a tenth of what was at the sale, but even still I had to make two trips with the minivan to get it all home.  What are your recent rummage sale or yard sale finds?



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  1. I just recently spent $12 at a garage sale (friday) and got a brand new bike for my 11 year old, two pairs of Keen sandles (They were worn once, maybe), 4 Zu-Zu’s complete with ‘combat gear’ and 6 books, including two of my son’s very favorite…. I Spy! It was such a huge score that I felt I needed to go home, but I stopped by ONE more on my way and found an antique rocking chair for $5!! I just KNEW my luck was out for the day so I went home and took a nap after that… and woke up to wash and place all our wonderful ‘new’ stuff. 🙂



  2. my mom and i always loved going to a flee market as they are called over here. i still do with my own kids and they always seem to find the most precious things knowing i am looking for them! that dollhouse looks wonderfull, would it be possible if you send me some messurements from it? my girl wants a dollhouse like that one for ages and after seeing the picture keeps asking for that one….greetings from the Netherlands
    Winda aka little miss radikal

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