Yesterday we had our first little snowfall of the season.  I finished knitting this hat just in time for the arrival of the snow.  (Too bad the hat’s not for me.)

knit green hat

I had this crazy idea (after chatting with a friend) to try to save money at Christmas this year by making all of our Christmas gifts.  Santa will still come for the kids — mommy can’t make LEGOs.  But with only a few exceptions I am challenging myself to make ALL of my gifts this year.  But on top of that, I’m challenging myself to use only the materials I currently have in my possession (meaning my fabric, yarn and craft stash).  Sounds like a great challenge to me!  So my first project is done just in time to greet the snow.

knit green hat

Details on this hat:  The pattern is Renfrew by Jane Richmond from the book ISLAND.  It’s a fabulous book by the way and I’m finally getting a chance to knit something from it.  Yay!  The yarn used was Nature Spun 100% wool in Grecian Olive.

It was a fun hat to make.  It’s knit in the round, with the wrong side out and so when you’re done you get to turn it right side out to see the pretty hat you’ve made.  I love the color – most of that is probably just because of the name, Grecian Olive.  Sounds so much better than just Olive.  (Might just have to make another for me after Christmas – especially since I have more of the same color.)



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  1. I am working on a similar challenge myself, but since I don’t have much in the way of boy friendly fabric, I am going to have to spend a little on their pj’s. Good luck!

  2. I have just stumbled across you while looking for ideas for things to make next. I have added a link to you on my blog this evening. I hope you don’t mind, I enjoyed reading I thought I would share. 🙂

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