bath tea bags

Pellon recently sent me a package of their Cheesecloth to play with.  I made these colorful little tea bath bags.  They make great little last-min presents.  They require no sewing and they are made very quickly and they even use up a few of those pretty little fabric scraps.

If you’d like a downloadable version of the tutorial, you can get that at Pellon’s site here.

Place Pellon cheesecloth on your cutting mat, three layers thick.  Cut a 9″ square out of the three layers of cheesecloth, cutting through the three layers at the same time.  The cheesecloth is delicate so cutting all three layers at once makes it easier.


Place about 1/3 cup of your “tea” in the center.  You can use dried lavender, chamomile buds or rose petals.  You can also mix in Epsom salts if you wish.  A great resource for the dried flowers and lots of soap making supplies is Majestic Mountain Sage.   That’s where I got the dried flowers I used.

bath tea bags

Gather up the edges of the fabric.

bath tea bags

Tie with a scrap of pretty fabric which measures approximately 3/8″ x 7.5″.  Make sure the scrap is not a fabric that bleeds easily (like Batiks) — you don’t want to stain your bath water.

Place the bath tea in a tub of hot water and enjoy. If you used cotton scraps to tie your tea bags, the entire thing can be put into the compost when you’re finished!

bath tea bags
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