love connects us all

I’m excited to show you this little mini quilt I created.  The Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild and the New York Modern Quilt Guild came together and decided to do a swap of mini quilts with the theme of “LOVE”.

I have had an idea for a thread quilt like this for a little while with a simple theme: “LOVE Connects us ALL”.  I was very glad to have an excuse to make it ahead of some other projects and I really like how it turned out.

love connects us all

How I made it:

From paper, I cut out two heart shaped templates – one large and one smaller.  I used a pen with disappearing ink to trace the large one in the center of my block (12.5″) and then the smaller ones randomly around the large one.

To quilt it (this was really fun), I started on the edge.  I quilted a straight line into the center.  Whatever heart shape I ran into, I traced that shape with the thread.  When I got all the way around, I stitched out at a different angle than I went in and kept going.  If I got to a heart that was already stitched, I just turned around at a different angle and kept going.

love connects us all

It was really fun to see it take shape since it was somewhat random.

Hope the person who gets this in NY loves it as much as I do.  Can’t wait to see what I get!

Happy LOVE day!

love connects us all

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