tartan dress shirt

For Easter, I made Connor a short-sleeved dress shirt.  He really liked it.  The weather finally is warming up so we could take some nice pictures outside!  (Yay!) And all the snow is gone (again)! Yay!

tartan dress shirt

For this shirt I used Simplicity Pattern 4760.  I had to do a bit of fudge work to make this fit.  It was a little snug around the waist initially, but it worked out OK.  I made the boys’ large size in the pattern.

The fabric is Tartan Aquamarine – Notting Hill by Joel Dewberry for Free Spirit.  I love this print.  I’ve used some before for pants for him last year (which no longer fit) and a fun hat.  I didn’t have a lot of yardage left to be picky about how the lines would match up, but I did my best with what I had and that’s OK.

tartan dress shirt

For the first time, I actually machine stitched the buttons on.  Normally I enjoy the hand sewing finishing touches, but this year I had no time.  And I have to say, I really loved using my sewing machine to sew on the buttons.  It was really fast (obviously) and the stitching is so uniform.  I may just have to stitch buttons using my machine from now on.

The interfacing I used was Pellon’s 420 Fashion Fuse on the collar and the front facings (where the buttons and button holes are).  It is the best interfacing for apparel – and I highly recommend it.  The interfacing helped the collar maintain it’s shape (without being uncomfortably stiff) and it made sewing in the button holes and buttons on way easier.

tartan dress shirt

Gwyneth didn’t get a hand made dress this year.  Instead she got to wear my dress from when I was little.  Yes, I once wore this dress.  I remember it being one of my favorites because of how silky it felt and I loved the pleated skirt.  And it’s so fitting with Radiant Orchid being the color of the year.

orchid vintage dress

It was hard to get the kiddos together for a good picture. They were so excited that the sun was shining and it was warm outside (oh, and probably because they got chocolate and peeps that day too!).  But I did manage to get this shot of Gwyn trying to steal a kiss on her brothers’ cheek.  And of course being a little gentleman, he let her steal that kiss.

tartan dress shirt and orchid vintage dress
Happy Spring!
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  1. You did a great job with the shirt. I too sew on buttons with my sewing machine. That’s becouse I don’t like to do things by hand… I love the dress your daugher is wearing. I can’t beleve you wore it when you were a kid. It doesn’t look old fashion. I guess she is proud to wear something that did belong to you.

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