For those of you who don’t know, I am the current VP of the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild (MMQG).  Being VP has a few extra jobs sometimes – like making a set of corsages.


Orange Corsage


We (the MMQG board and I) were inspired to make our guests and visitors stand out a little.  Our group is growing every month and its so hard to keep up with new members and keep track of guests as well.


Pretty corsages
These colorful corsages will be loaned to visitors at our monthly meetings so we can spot them in the crowd and go say “hello” and make them feel welcome.
Red and Orange Corsage

I whipped these up at our last board meeting.  I couldn’t decide on just one color so I went with several so people could pick which color they would like to wear.


Pretty corsages

The flowers are “silk”, of course, so they can be reused again and again.

At an early age, my mother taught me how to wire and tape flowers (both silk and real) and shape them any way I want – corsages, bouquets, table arrangements and wreaths. She used to work as a florist, before I was born, making wedding bouquets and funeral swags. She shared her knowledge on all things “floral” as I was growing up and I learned a lot more than I ever realized – I know how to wire a flower (silk or real) and how to do certain ones (some require a delicate touch because they bruise easily and some you can be rough with), how to store them and how to keep them beautiful (the fresh ones that is).  I know when to use Oasis vs Styrofoam and that the sound of someone cutting Styrofoam is the worst sound in the world to me. And to never, ever store flowers in the fridge if fruit is in there.


Corsage Rainbow


We used the corsages at our October MMQG meeting and we had so many guests we almost ran out!  I may need to add a few more.  I wonder if I can get these flowers in blue…..


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