peaches and cream

Gwyneth loves hats. If I have made a hat for myself she likes, she wants to wear it. 🙂 Always.

This little hat was made using two different colors of yarn – a pale pink and a white. The effect is very subtle and almost looks like it’s made to be like that. I really like it. The pom-pom on top also has both colors in it.

peaches and cream

I didn’t use a pattern and it turned out slightly smaller than I wanted (mostly because I was running out of yarn) – but she loves it and it makes a good indoor winter hat (because winters here are cold and you need a hat that well… covers more…. to keep you warm).

Peaches and Cream

The yarn I used was Dale of Norway Freestyle yarn. It’s a worsted weight wool yarn that knits really well with two colors at once and it’s really warm for MN winters!

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1 Comment on Peaches and cream

  1. I love this little hat with a hefty pom-pom setting up there begging to be waggled! I thought surely someone else wears hats indoors in winter but I’ve been too chicken to ask?! I learned this in Washington state and I have brought it to the East Coast. Love it!

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