What doll wouldn’t love to go camping with her dog? I made this tent for my daughter’s American Girl dolls. When not napping with my daughter, Isabelle and Big Baby (she named that doll herself when she was 3) can be found hanging out in the tent with her puppy.

This tent was made with a pattern by Pixie Faire: Happy Campers Dome Doll Tent. You can find her shop HERE. I did make a bunch of modifications. I used a twill fabric in a green. Accent fabric is quilting cotton – by Denyse Schmidt. I was very lucky to find PVC piping in a color that coordinates with the accent fabric.

There is one door in front which zips up and rolls up and stays in place with velcro – and there’s a window in the back too. Both windows (on the back and the door) roll up so you can see out. And of course there’s netting so mosquitoes don’t get in! 😉

The dolls don’t have sleeping bags yet. They are pretty happy just hanging out without.  Two dolls can easily sleep side by side inside. And the best part — You can take out the PVC poles and fold up the tent to store when they’re done camping.



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