Last week (4/23 – 4/29) was Kid’s Clothes Week. The challenge of Kid’s Clothes Week is to sew for kids 1 hour a day for 7 days. I haven’t done this challenge in a while and I wanted to participate this time around. I considered working on a dress for my daughter all week – just a little each day, but she has so many dresses right now. I looked in her closet to see what she needed and it was very apparent that she needed some shorts. My daughter is the kid who just grows taller and can keep wearing smaller sizes but the shorts she has are way too small now and there is no way I would let her wear any of the shorts she had in public, so problem solved! I would use Kid’s Clothes Week to sew shorts.



Another goal I had was to use up more of my stash of knits. Most of the knits I have are interlock knits and would be perfect for shorts! I also used this opportunity to go through my knit stash and get rid of any knits that I’ll never use. Between the purge and sewing all week, I now have a reasonable amount of knits and only what I can actually see myself using.

I used the Sunny Day Shorts free pattern from Oliver + S for the shorts. I made size 10. The pattern was perfect for what I needed and very quick to sew up. I did use knits instead of the suggested fabrics, but for shorts, it would work easily. I added a ribbon tag so my daughtercould easily tell back from front and finished all seams with my serger. I managed to make 1 pair of shorts each day of the challenge so at the end of the week I had 7 new pairs of shorts for Gwyn.

In the end, I didn’t have any elastic the right width so I ended up running to JoAnn’s for just that. I bought enough elastic for 8 pairs of shorts (in two pre-cut packages) and it cost me $4 with a coupon. So, I would consider this a total win. I used up fabric that was sitting around. I made something my daughter needed. And it cost me only $4 and a little bit of time.

Here are the finished shorts::















We are now totally ready for summer! Well… at least Gwyn is.


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