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A knitting experiment

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Do you ever just sit down and start knitting? — no pattern, no real idea what’s going to come out of it.  Well I recently did, and here’s what I came up with. I’m an ok knitter, but slow.  Very slow.  It took me a while to finish this. I used two strands of Lion […] Read more…

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Baby Alpaca Men’s Scarf

| Life, Yarn Love

  My husband’s grandfather just turned 90! We went to a big party last weekend in Milwaukee at the Polish Center to celebrate the event and had lots of fun. It was so great to see and catch up with family. I really enjoy making gifts for people and when my mother-in-law told me he […] Read more…

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Snake Scarf

| For Kids, Yarn Love

  I just finished this scarf for my son. It’s his first scarf. What better scarf is there than one shaped like a snake for a 4-year-old? He loves it! He actually took it for show-and-tell today. I got the pattern out of the book “Knitting Pretty” by Kris Percival. If you haven’t checked out […] Read more…

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