Shark/Fishie Hoodie

It’s so difficult to find knits for little boys.  Ya, sure you can get teddy bears and “baby” boy knits or jump straight to skulls and cammo, but where are the cool knits for your little dude?? Well, I found some amazing boy knits from Felicity Fabrics.  Many of the knits I purchased were Japanese by design and so cool.  I ordered a few interlock knit fabrics just before Christmas and I am now just getting to them.

Shark/Fishie Hoodie

For this hoodie, I used some fabric with sharks and little fishies.

Shark/Fishie Hoodie

For the pattern, I used Lil Blue Boo’s Hoodie pattern.  I’ve never actually used the hoodie pattern and made the hoodie part.  So silly, I just always turned it into a shirt.

Shark/Fishie Hoodie

Connor looked at it and said “I love the hood, Mom.  It’s the best part.”

Shark/Fishie Hoodie

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  1. I know just what you mean. It takes more hunting to find just the right fabric for boys. I made a few of the LBB hoodies for my guys last fall and the boys still love them. Your shark fabric is so cool!
    I was just checking out your carved stamp post yesterday, btw. Those designs would look great on fabric too!

  2. my little dude loves hoods, too! Thanks for the link to the fabric shop. totally agree with you. I couldn’t find any knits that weren’t baby or camo for my 5 year old.

    Great job!!

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