Sometimes I like to pretend I can paint.

work in progress

Then I remember I can’t.  Umm…. I think I need to start over.  This watercolor started as a birthday present for my husband (His birthday is in early December) then it became a Christmas present.  (Christmas came and went.)  Then I thought maybe Valentine’s day??  Nope.  Well, how about St. Patty’s Day?

Clouds are really hard to paint.  Anyone know any tricks??


3 Comments on A work in progress . . . .

  1. I think it’s perfectly fine, just like it is. I would work on clouds on a new painting and give this to your husband, just because. I think you are actually quite a good painter. Much better than me ;).

  2. im amateur myself. when i want clouds i paint the blue on and then use clear water and a cotton ball to take it off in swishy patterns…

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