This little project reminded me of the classic book “Old Hat New Hat” – while it doesn’t have that much in common, it’s still fun to call the post “Old Mat New Mat”.  Well, I guess I did end up with the same hat mat like they do in the book, it’s got a new color to it.

Old Mat New Mat
Old Mat

I have this old bathroom mat.  It’s terrycloth, but super thick.  It was actually in my husband’s possession when I met him (no doubt a hand me down from his mom, due to the high quality).  It’s from Christy’s (Made in England) and very nice – except for the fact that it’s no longer white.  Instead of bleaching the heck out of it (and most likely damaging the fibers), I thought I might give it a second life by simply dyeing it another color.  Since this mat is primarily for our downstairs bathroom, I choose a dark gray/green to compliment the beautiful tiles my husband installed.  (Yes, my wonderful husband re-tiled our basement bathroom.  He also installed a new sink, mirror and light fixtures.  . . . . He’s awesome.)

I used a simple Rit Dye ($2) that I picked up at the grocery store, mixed up the dye and made my old mat a new mat!

Old Mat New Mat
New Mat

I think it looks much better now!  Don’t you?


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