First of all. . . .

The winner of the Curious George fabric is (as determined via . . .

Terri who said… 
My son is 3. We are planning on buying him a twin size bed very soon. No more toddler bed 🙂 I am planning making a quilt for his new bed. This fabric would look adorable in a quilt!

Congratulations Terri!  I’ll be emailing you shortly.  Thanks to all who entered!  I wish that I had enough to give to all of you!  I loved reading your plans for the fabric.

Secondly. . .

Gwyneth was playing with her horses the other day and I snapped this photo.

Winner and a Picture

Is it me or does it look a lot like this print from Heather Ross???

Winner and a Picture
Photo credit: Heather Ross

I love Heather Ross’ artwork.  (Anyone who was around for my daughter’s bedroom makeover should not find this fact too surprising.)  I’m very tempted to order one of these prints.  Very, very tempted…..


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