A couple of months ago I was contacted by the company Walls Need Love offering me a chance to try out their wall decals and share my experience.  Well, I totally jumped at the chance.  They have a large selection of vinyl wall decals.  I had such a hard time deciding what to try.  I knew which ones I really liked, but then I had to choose the colors — well I had to decide where to put them first so I could figure out what color I wanted.  Another tough choice.  Well, I finally decided and I love them!

The first one I chose was Love Bird Branch in Chocolate.  The decal was quite large, measuring 24″ x 48″ and used transfer tape – basically the vinyl was sandwiched between two pieces of tacky paper to help you transfer the image without distorting it when you put it on.  This was definately a two-person job.  Thankfully my husband was home at the time and helped out (and Connor too).

I did have trouble with a few tiny spots where the decal didn’t stick.  It sort of bubbles up, but they’re two tiny spots that probably wouldn’t bother a normal person.  I just smooth them out every time I walk by.

A Little Wall Love

I chose to have a doorway frame the decal.  This is the view when you come in the front door of my house.  Nice effect.

A Little Wall Love

The other choice I made was for the Bamboo Wall Decals in Warm Grey and Grey.  The Warm Grey is the larger size shown (36″ x 18″ sheet) and the Grey is the smaller one shown (24″ x 12″ sheet).  These were very simple to put on – just like stickers.  Peel and stick.  That’s it.

There was a lot of flexibility to this decal since each segment of bamboo and each leaf is put on separately.  I cut a few so that the images wouldn’t all line up and be the same height.

A Little Wall Love

I put these in a little nook in the kitchen  – under the decal is a small built in desk where the kids have all there coloring and drawing supplies.  I choose the colors warm grey and grey to coordinate with the clock we have hanging there.  I think it looks really nice.  I also chose to wrap the decal around the corner.

A Little Wall Love

Gwyneth really liked this one.  As I was putting it together, she recognized it as bamboo and immediately ran off to get her panda bear . . . . so he could have a snack!

A Little Wall Love

Walls Need Love has kindly offered you (my lovely readers) 20% off everything on their site.  Simply use this coupon code:  novblog20.  This code will expire 12-01-2011.


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