I wrapped up some great fabric and gave it to my eight year old niece as part of her Christmas present with a note saying I’d give her a little sewing lesson.  She’s asked me a few times before to teach her how to sew, but we just haven’t gotten to it what with her in school, and also in circus school and unicycle club (which she does really well at!).  Anyway New Year’s Day rolled around and she just couldn’t wait any longer – she came over with the fabric and we set to work!

What I had in mind was a simple, unlined tote bag.  Great for a first project – simple, quick, and easy.  Jana had other ideas.

Jana's Bag

I wanted to have her make something she wanted so we made the bag she envisioned.  It is super cute, lined – even with a pocket on the inside and a loop and button closure!  I know she didn’t quite understand a few of the steps as we were going along, but when she started turning things right side out, all the lights turned on, so to speak, and she started seeing her bag.

Jana's Bag

For this bag Jana did 99% of it by herself.  Towards the end of the two hours of sewing, she wanted to go play with her cousins, but she still wanted to finish, so I helped a little.  She learned how to use an iron, pin fabric together, use a rotary cutter and mat, use a sewing machine, and sew on a button!  More than that, I think she’s gained a new appreciation for hand made things.  On more than one occation, she commented “So, you do all this work with everything you make??”  Yup.  “Wow.”

Jana's Bag

She did great at all of it!  I think she was a little nervous about using the sewing machine, but she was getting the hang of it. Perhaps she’ll comeback and we’ll make something simpler next time, which I’m sure she’ll be awesome at!!  Great job Jana!!


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