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Maker’s Tote

| Accessories, Bags, Totes and Zips

  It’s my first finish for 2019! This is actually a late Christmas gift for my sister. It has since been delivered and she absolutely LOVED it! She crochet’s all the time and is always making something with yarn. We live on opposite sides of the city and she doesn’t drive so we don’t get […] Read more…

Hello Kitty Zip Pouch

| Accessories, Bags, Totes and Zips, For Kids

It’s spring!!!!! Sort of. The ground is still covered with copious amounts of snow here. It’s melting, but not as fast as I would like. With Spring, comes my desire to clean and organize (and get rid of stuff), but of course, none of the “getting rid of stuff” really applies to my sewing. In […] Read more…

Butterfly Single Scoop Zipper Bag

| Accessories, Bags, Totes and Zips

I love the single scoop zipper pouch designed by Dana Willard of Made Everyday. I always love to make new pouches – it’s a great way to stay organized. This pouch lives in my purse and carries lip gloss, lip balm and occasionally other make-up — even though I hardly wear it. I love that […] Read more…


| Bags, Totes and Zips, Cooking and Baking, For Kids, Holidays

Halloween is just around the corner. My kids really get into this holiday and I do too now. Its way more fun to see it through their eyes. I thought it would be fun to point out some fun projects and ideas I’ve done in the past to celebrate. First off – still need a […] Read more…

Thread Catcher

| Bags, Totes and Zips

I love sewing something useful as well as pretty. The last quilting retreat I went on, I sewed up a thread catcher with some fun kona solids and essex. It wasn’t until recently that I finally finished it with the hand stitched x’s on top. The thread catcher is the perfect size to sit at […] Read more…

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