Halloween is just around the corner. My kids really get into this holiday and I do too now. Its way more fun to see it through their eyes.

I thought it would be fun to point out some fun projects and ideas I’ve done in the past to celebrate.

First off – still need a Fun Halloween tote for Candy? or just to take to the grocery store? Check out this FREE TUTORIAL on my blog for a quick and easy appliqued trick or treat bag.


And fun and healthy spooky snacks!


Mummy Apples and mini pumpkins

Salted Witches Warts (aka roasted chickpeas with cumin and salt) and Skeleton Gingerbread (OK, not super healthy, but still very fun).

Roasted zombie brains (aka roasted whole cauliflower heads with olive oil, salt and curry powder)

Monster bagels with puss (cream cheese) candied eyes, and fang teeth — if you use blueberry bagels they are Moldy monsters. Giant spider eggs, swamp water (green smoothie served in test tubes), and of course the classic roasted pumpkin seeds.

Moldy monsters served with swamp water (green smoothie) and toxic waste (orange smoothie).

Vampire Bites (sign by my kiddo several years ago 😉 — apple slices with PB and yogurt covered raisins)

Even regular food can be scary! Zombie Fingers (100% creepy)

Clementines with hand drawn faces (using a black sharpie)

And of course probably my most favorite part……some handmade costumes of past years…..

A dragon (wings are behind)

A very cute butterfly….

A year older very cute butterfly…



Kai, the red LEGO ninja…

Rapunzel standing in front of her tower!

And let’s not forget Harry Potter!

Merida from Brave…

Harry another year older…..

Elsa from Frozen

Of course we need a knight to defend our castle.

Harry’s robes were reused for Hermione…

This year I’m adding to the decorations by making a couple table runners and a wall hanging with halloween fabrics. They just need quilting and binding so you’ll see them soon!

Hope you enjoyed this recap and got some ideas for your own celebrations!


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