I love the single scoop zipper pouch designed by Dana Willard of Made Everyday. I always love to make new pouches – it’s a great way to stay organized. This pouch lives in my purse and carries lip gloss, lip balm and occasionally other make-up — even though I hardly wear it. I love that they are all organized and kept together in my bag. Plus I can change bags easily because it’s filled with different small zip pouches like this sorting various “stuff” in my bag.

I love the contrast of the smaller prints on the outside with the very large polka dot print on the inside.

I used the line of the butterflies to determine where my green fabric would lay. I love the addition of the green on the front of the pouch. It adds contrast and interest.

These single scoop zipper pouches would make great gifts. They are quick to sew and don’t use up much fabric. And zipper pouches are always useful.



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