It’s spring!!!!! Sort of. The ground is still covered with copious amounts of snow here. It’s melting, but not as fast as I would like. With Spring, comes my desire to clean and organize (and get rid of stuff), but of course, none of the “getting rid of stuff” really applies to my sewing. In fact, it’s a great excuse to make zippy pouches!!! Am I right???

Gwyn got into the organizing too and needed some small sorting storage bags. Eventually, I’ll make more, but we’ll start with a fun one. What 10 yr old girl doesn’t like cute pouches (or Hello Kitty for that matter)?

This is the single scoop pouch made by Dana of Made Everyday. It’s a cute and simple pattern. I carry one in my purse – see mine in a previous post HERE.

And of course teeny, tiny rainbow hearts on the inside.

What’s your favorite organizing project to sew??




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