I feel like my blog is being slowly taken over by stuffed animals of one kind or another. I’m sure these won’t be the last you’ll see. My 10 yr old LOVES stuffed animals. She is my youngest and my 12 yr old is now “too big for such little kid things” – so I am embracing the love of these animals by my 10 yr old for as long as it lasts.

I asked my daughter recently what would she like to sew over spring break. She has previously made a small quilt and a skirt and I knew she wanted to make something different. I suggested making a stuffed animal. She found this penguin pattern from DIY Fluffies and so we dug into my fleece stash – yes, there’s a fleece stash. It’s not large at all, thankfully, but it is there. I was more than happy for her to make a dent.

Of course she couldn’t make just one. As she was sewing, she created a narrative for them. The pink penguin is named Persimmon. The dark navy’s name is Waddles. They are best friends, BFFs in fact. They live in an igloo together near the North Pole. They don’t know Santa, but they do visit the toy factory frequently and get to ride the reindeer. (I guess it pays to have elf friends. 😉 )

She did a great job sewing Persimmon and Waddles. She learned about how to sew curves together and how to cut out a pattern. She also learned that fleece was a great choice to use because it doesn’t fray. She loved how they turned out. I loved watching her sew and make some new friends and of course, I love their cute tails!!!

I love how she wants to learn how to make different items. Next, she says she’s going to do some embroidery. 🙂

What do your kids/grandkids love sewing?



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