Salty and Sweet

On Saturday I was fortunate enough to go to a sew-in at my friend Nikol’s shop, Sewtropolis.  It was eight, yes, eight hours of uninterrupted sewing!  It was great!  In those hours of bliss (not kidding there), I managed to finish a quilt top, make three easy-peasy skirts and a jumper for Gwyneth and make this little pouch!

Salty and Sweet

This is just like a Sweet Tooth Pouch, only I it’s made with a Doritos chip bag!  It’s just the right size for a pencil case for school, too.  For the back, I just used the bottom half of the bag.  I kept this one unlined, which made it even simpler to make.

Salty and Sweet

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  1. HAHA that is SO cute (sew cute) – I saw it on Pinterest so I came over for a peek! I have several packages of the iron on vinyl that I scored on sale @ Joanns during a recent trip Stateside ($4/pack, YAY!) so I just need some candy/junk food bags – I suspect my kids would be happy to help out with that particular item, LOL 🙂

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