I have been super busy here working on patterns and moving my sewing space (and making room for said space).  I’m really excited about how it’s turning out.  There’s still a bit more to be done, but you’ll see it very soon.  In the meantime, while my sewing machine has had no table to call home, I’ve been keeping my fingers busy with some knitting.

It’s hard not to be inspired with all of the beautiful new patterns out there.  I just purchased a copy of ISLAND and I’m excited to start on a couple of those projects as well.  I ordered some lovely baby alpaca, so I should be able to sit down with it right around Christmas time and get knitting.

But first a knitting project that’s been on my list since last year . . . The Bandana Cowl from purl bee.

yarn love and snow

This is a beautiful cowl and I fell in love with the colors of this yarn!  I don’t usually go for the acrylic yarns, but I couldn’t resist the colors of this one.  It’s Lion Brand Tweed Strips in Mixed Berries.  Another bonus was I got it for only $3 (on sale + coupon).  Nice.  Here’s a side view to see how beautifully the color changes.

yarn love and snow

The cowl knit up very quickly.  I love knitting in the round.  It’s so much faster.

yarn love and snow

Today it’s been snowing all day (and still is).  Finally it feels like Christmas is coming!  Here’s a view from my street of all the snow covering everything!

yarn love and snow



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  1. I have snow envy! We’ve been misty/foggy/mild for days and days. I need a good snow storm!

    Karen near Philadelphia

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