spiffy Christmas Pants

I don’t know why I don’t make more pants for Connor.  They are super simple and he always loves them — and I can use spiffy plaid fabric like this!  These pants had a simple elastic waist and were actually made of plaid shirting — a sewing no, no, I know and they won’t last long at all (but truth be told, none of his pants ever do.  He’s very rough on them, well at least at the knees.  It’s like he must walk around on his knees whenever I’m not looking.)

I had trouble getting more than one good picture of him in the pants.  He was really in a silly mood — so we just went with it!

spiffy Christmas Pants
Have a great weekend!
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1 Comment on Spiffy Christmas Pants

  1. I’ve made pants with shirting too. If you cut a liner from sturdier fabric and quilt the two fabrics with the sewing machine in lines or squares widely spaced the fabrics stay together. I line pants with polar fleece or flannel too using the same technique. Like Chinese baby pants. For his knees you could piece in a square of heavier fabric.

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