One of my goddaughters just turned four!  Having a birthday so close to Christmas is a challenge for me.  I always want to make her something, but I’m usually so worn out from frantic last-minute Christmas sewing that I don’t make her anything.  This year most Christmas presents were store-bought.  No one was disappointed they didn’t get hand made items and I got to have a lovely Christmas and actually bake  (too many) cookies with my kiddos.

simple doll bed and bedding

So, for her birthday, I picked up a simple doll bed at Ikea.  It came with a mattress, blanket and pillow, but I couldn’t in good conscience give them too her.  They were not very attractive and poorly sewn.  I dove into my bin of fleece and flannel and made this bedding.  I used the original bedding as a rough guide for the sizing.  The mattress is yellow fleece and the blanket and pillow are made from a lovely flannel.  The resulting doll bedding is much more feminine and soft — sure to make any little girl and her doll happy.

simple doll bed and bedding

Happy birthday Katherine!

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