4th of july sundress

I started making this little dress for Gwyneth a few days before July 4th so she could wear it on that day.  We were having some family over on the 4th for a little gathering and then going to watch fireworks later, so I drafted it out and got to work.

I didn’t have a lot of fabric to work with – two 1/2 yd cuts and one 1/4 yd cut.  So I made it work.  The fabric I used was Beechwood Park by Jenean Morrison for FreeSpirit.

4th of july sundress

I loved the buttons made of recycled plastic. (I lucked out and they were in my stash! Yay! Using up my sewing stash!)

4th of july sundress

Since I didn’t have a lot of fabric, I couldn’t be really fussy about how the back lined up — the print on the bolt was a little off, so, don’t look too closely.

4th of july sundress
I was lucky enough to have enough of the blue print to fussy cut (a little bit). for the bodice.  (I couldn’t get enough for the lining when I did that, but I used a pretty Kona blue to match).
4th of july sundress

Anyway, back to my story ….

The dress was almost done – just needed the buttons and the bottom hemmed but then Gwyn made it very clear that she wanted to dress as Elsa (from Frozen) on the 4th.  Ugh.  OK.  So the dress sat waiting to be finished for a few days.

I finally finished it and suddenly she was so EXCITED to wear it!  Once I finally got her in it, she wouldn’t take it off for almost three days.  Yup.  She played in it, she slept in it, she even went fishing in it (finally got it off after that).

4th of july sundress

Kids are so funny sometimes.  But I suppose she probably thought it was funny of me to want her to wear it on a certain day too.  I’m just glad she really likes it (now).



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  1. Such a pretty dress! Thanks for the tutorial on the first aid pouches, a really good idea. I’ m just off to make one for my daughter who spends lots of time at the park with her little one. Really glad to have found your blog.

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