I’m really excited about this project.  It’s a quilt I’m making with my mom.  (Yay!)

My mom loves to embroider and she has wanted to make an embroidered quilt for a long time.  She is also an avid gardener and once upon a time, she was a floral designer for Bachman’s.  She found some iron-on transfers for the state flowers.

state flowers

After much thought, we went with Kona PDF (that’s “prepared for dyeing”) for the squares.  We chose PDF for the off-white color more than it’s dyeing capabilities.  I cut the fabric into 12.5″ squares and ironed on all 50 different flowers for her to embroider.  I’ll trim them down later when they are all done, but I cut them bigger so if it frayed a bit, it wouldn’t matter.

The first stage will take a while, but she’s really excited to get to work!


state flowers

Eventually, I’ll get them all back and make a quilt top with some pieced blocks between the embroidered ones.  When she finishes a block, I’ll post it in my instagram feed with #motherdaughterquiltproject so you can see the fun.

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